Corn Product Yield Response to Seeding Rate and Nitrogen Rate - Camden Point, MO

Camden Point, MO
Trial Objective:

To evaluate the yield response of Lewis Hybrids™ brand blend corn products to three seeding rates and two pre-plant nitrogen application rates.

Research Site Details
  • Eight Lewis Hybrids™ brand blend corn products were planted in two adjacent blocks. One block received 125 lb nitrogen/acre and one block received 200 lb nitrogen/acre. Anhydrous ammonia (NH3) was applied pre-plant on March 14, 2018. 
  • Each seed product was planted at 26,000, 32,000, and 38,000 seeds/acre in each nitrogen rate block.
  •  Each treatment area was 6 rows wide (30-inch rows) and approximately 350 feet long.
  • The treatments were not replicated.
Understanding the Results
  • Seven of the eight products responded with incrementally higher yields at the 200 lb nitrogen/acre treatments as seeding rate was increased.
  • The highest individual yield for all of the products was exhibited at the 38,000 seeds/acre and 200 lb nitrogen/acre treatment. 
  • At the 125 lb nitrogen/acre treatment, all of the products had the highest yield at the lowest seeding rate of 26,000 seed/acre.




What Does This Mean For Your Farm?
  • The response of corn products to seeding rates and nitrogen rates is influenced by climate, especially precipitation, and soil conditions. 
  • Farmers should work closely with their local seed sales team to determine the optimal seeding rates and nitrogen
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