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Field and weather conditions may vary from area to area. The ratings in the charts are to be used as guidelines only. The limitations of warranty and liability on each bag of seed are part of the terms of sale thereof.

Rating System: 1 = Excellent, 9 = Poor, - = data is insufficient at this time, NA = No Specific Resistance, NR = Not Recommended
Green Bug Biotype: NR = No specific resistance
Sterility: F = Fertile, S = Sterile, products marked “S” are 98% or higher sterile. Some grain development can occur in sterile products when other grain sorghum, sorghum sudangrass, forage sorghum or “weedy” type sorghums are in the area to serve as a pollen source. To provide the option of sterile forage product for hay or winter pasture and a full-grain head for silage. Inside the NUTR_CANE II bag is a two-pound package of pollinator. Planting the pollinator reduces the risk of infection in areas where ergot may be a problem. It also results in the production of grain on 90% of the heads. Forage growers should exercise normal precautions to avoid prussic acid and/or nitrate problems with livestock. Contact your Fontanelle representative for more information.