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Local Independent Trials

See how Lewis Hybrids™ products performed in local independent trials, including F.I.R.S.T. trials, university trials and others. Search all trials below by crop and year.

Baldwin City, KSCornFirst Trials2022View Trial
Berlin, ILCornFirst Trials2022View Trial
Bucyrus, KSCornFirst Trials2022View Trial
Cairo, MOCornFirst Trials2022View Trial
Galva, ILCornFirst Trials2022View Trial
Greentop, MOCornFirst Trials2022View Trial
Macomb, ILCornFirst Trials2022View Trial
Malta Bend, MOCornFirst Trials2022View Trial
Maryville, MOCornFirst Trials2022View Trial
Novelty, MOCornFirst Trials2022View Trial
Overbrook, MOCornFirst Trials2022View Trial
Perry, MOCornFirst Trials2022View Trial
Portage Des Sioux, MOCornFirst Trials2022View Trial
Princeville, ILCornFirst Trials2022View Trial
Seneca, KSCornFirst Trials2022View Trial
Spring Hill, KSCornFirst Trials2022View Trial
St. Joseph, MOCornFirst Trials2022View Trial
Sweet Springs, MOCornFirst Trials2022View Trial
Virden, ILCornFirst Trials2022View Trial
Williamsville, ILCornFirst Trials2022View Trial
Baldwin City, KSSoyFirst Trials2022View Trial
Cairo, MOSoyFirst Trials2022View Trial
Du Bois, KSSoyFirst Trials2022View Trial
Forsyth, ILSoyFirst Trials2022View Trial
Greentop, MOSoyFirst Trials2022View Trial
Holton, KSSoyFirst Trials2022View Trial
La Cygne, KSSoyFirst Trials2022View Trial
Louisburg, KSSoyFirst Trials2022View Trial
Onaga, KSSoyFirst Trials2022View Trial
Perry, MOSoyFirst Trials2022View Trial
Portage Des Sioux, MOSoyFirst Trials2022View Trial
St. Joseph, MOSoyFirst Trials2022View Trial
Stilwell, KSSoyFirst Trials2022View Trial
Sweet Springs, MOSoyFirst Trials2022View Trial
Trenton, MOSoyFirst Trials2022View Trial
Tuscola, ILSoyFirst Trials2022View Trial
Vermillion, KSSoyFirst Trials2022View Trial
Williamsville, ILSoyFirst Trials2022View Trial
Baldwin City, KSCornFirst Trials2021View Trial
Cairo, MOCornFirst Trials2021View Trial
Galva, ILCornFirst Trials2021View Trial
Jacksonville, ILCornFirst Trials2021View Trial
Macomb, ILCornFirst Trials2021View Trial
Malta Bend, MOCornFirst Trials20 21View Trial
New Franklin, MOCornFirst Trials2021View Trial
Overbrook, KSCornFirst Trials2021View Trial
Perry, MOCornFirst Trials2021View Trial
Portage Des Sioux, MOCornFirst Trials2021View Trial
Princeville, ILCornFirst Trials2021View Trial
Seneca, KSCornFirst Trials2021View Trial
Spring Hill, KSCornFirst Trials2021View Trial
St. Joseph, MOCornFirst Trials2021View Trial
Sweet Springs, MOCornFirst Trials2021View Trial
Trenton, MOCornFirst Trials2021View Trial
Virden, ILCornFirst Trials2021View Trial
Williamsville, ILCornFirst Trials2021View Trial
Baldwin City, KSSoybeanFirst Trials2021View Trial
Cairo, MOSoybeanFirst Trials2021View Trial
Du Bois, NESoybeanFirst Trials2021View Trial
Forsyth, ILSoybeanFirst Trials2021View Trial
Greentop, MOSoybeanFirst Trials2021View Trial
Holton, KSSoybeanFirst Trials2021View Trial
La Cygne, KSSoybeanFirst Trials2021View Trial
Louisburg, KSSoybeanFirst Trials2021View Trial
Maryville, MOSoybeanFirst Trials2021View Trial
Onaga, KSSoybeanFirst Trials2021View Trial
Portage Des Sioux, MOSoybeanFirst Trials2021View Trial
Stilwell, KSSoybeanFirst Trials2021View Trial
St. Joseph, MOSoybeanFirst Trials2021View Trial
Sweet Springs, MOSoybeanFirst Trials2021View Trial
Tina, MOSoybeanFirst Trials2021View Trial
Vermillion, KSSoybeanFirst Trials2021View Trial
Virden, ILSoybeanFirst Trials2021View Trial
Williamsville, ILSoybeanFirst Trials2021View Trial
Baldwin City, KSCornFirst Trials2020View Trial
Cairo, MOCornFirst Trials2020View Trial
Galva, ILCornFirst Trials2020View Trial
Greentop, MOCornFirst Trials2020View Trial
Jacksonville, ILCornFirst Trials2020View Trial
Louisburg, KSCornFirst Trials2020View Trial
Macomb, ILCornFirst Trials2020View Trial
Malta Bend, MOCornFirst Trials2020View Trial
Maryville, MOCornFirst Trials2020View Trial
New Franklin, MOCornFirst Trials2020View Trial
Novelty, MOCornFirst Trials2020View Trial
Overbrook, KSCornFirst Trials2020View Trial
Palmyra, MOCornFirst Trials2020View Trial
Perry, MOCornFirst Trials2020View Trial
Portage Des Sioux, MOCornFirst Trials2020View Trial
Princeville, ILCornFirst Trials2020View Trial
Seneca, KSCornFirst Trials2020View Trial
Spring Hill, KSCornFirst Trials2020View Trial
Stilwell, KSCornFirst Trials2020View Trial
St. Joseph, MOCornFirst Trials2020View Trial
Sweet Springs, MOCornFirst Trials2020View Trial
Virden, ILCornFirst Trials2020View Trial
Williamsville, ILCornFirst Trials2020View Trial
Cairo, MOSoybeanFirst Trials2020View Trial
Greentop, MOSoybeanFirst Trials2020View Trial
New Franklin, MOSoybeanFirst Trials2020View Trial
Palmyra, MOSoybeanFirst Trials2020View Trial
Perry, MOSoybeanFirst Trials2020View Trial
Portage Des Sioux, MOSoybeanFirst Trials2020View Trial
Sweet Springs, MOSoybeanFirst Trials2020View Trial
Illinois West Central SummaryCornF.I.R.S.T Trial2019View Summary
Lafayette County, MOCornF.I.R.S.T Trial2019View Trial
Lafayette County, MOCornF.I.R.S.T. Trial2019View Trial
McDonough County, ILCornF.I.R.S.T Trial2019View Trial
McDonough County, ILCornF.I.R.S.T Trial2019View Trial
Missouri Central SummaryCornF.I.R.S.T Trial2019View Summary
Morgan County, ILCornF.I.R.S.T Trial2019View Trial
Morgan County, ILCornF.I.R.S.T Trial2019View Trial
Morgan County, ILCornF.I.R.S.T Trial2019View Trial
Peoria County, ILCornF.I.R.S.T Trial2019View Trial
Saline County, MOCornF.I.R.S.T. Trial2019View Trial
Saline County, MOCornF.I.R.S.T Trial2019View Trial
St. Charles CountyCornF.I.R.S.T Trial2019View Trial
Atchison County, KSSoybeanF.I.R.S.T Trial2019View Trial
Buchanan County, MOSoybeanF.I.R.S.T Trial2019View Trial
Douglas County, ILSoybeanF.I.R.S.T Trial2019View Trial
Illinois South Central SummarySoybeanF.I.R.S.T Trial2019View Summary
Johnson County, MOSoybeanF.I.R.S.T Trial2019View Trial
Kansas Northeast SummarySoybeanF.I.R.S.T Trial2019View Summary
Lafayette County, MOSoybeanF.I.R.S.T Trial2019View Trial
Linn County, KSSoybeanF.I.R.S.T Trial2019View Trial
Livingston County, MOSoybeanF.I.R.S.T Trial2019View Trial
Macoupin County, ILSoybeanF.I.R.S.T Trial2019View Trial
Marshall County, KSSoybeanF.I.R.S.T Trial2019View Trial
Miami County, KSSoybeanF.I.R.S.T Trial2019View Trial
Missouri Central SummarySoybeanF.I.R.S.T Trial2019View Trial
Missouri North SummarySoybeanF.I.R.S.T Trial2019View Summary
Pawnee County, NESoybeanF.I.R.S.T Trial2019View Trial
Pottawatomie County, KSSoybeanF.I.R.S.T Trial2019View Trial
Sangamon County, ILSoybeanF.I.R.S.T Trial2019View Trial
Schulyer County, MOSoybeanF.I.R.S.T Trial2019View Summary
Audrain County, MOCornF.I.R.S.T. Trial2018View Trial
Buchanan County, MOCornF.I.R.S.T. Trial2018View Trial
Howard County, MOCornF.I.R.S.T. Trial2018View Trial
Johnson County, KSCornF.I.R.S.T. Trial2018View Trial
Knox County, MOCornF.I.R.S.T. Trial2018View Trial
Lafayette County, MOCornF.I.R.S.T. Trial2018View Trial
Livingston County, MOCornF.I.R.S.T. Trial2018View Trial
Macoupin County, ILCornF.I.R.S.T. Trial2018View Trial
Marion County, MOCornF.I.R.S.T. Trial2018View Trial
McDonough County, ILCornF.I.R.S.T. Trial2018View Trial
Miami County, KSCornF.I.R.S.T. Trial2018View Trial
Morgan County, ILCornF.I.R.S.T. Trial2018View Trial
Ralls County, MOCornF.I.R.S.T. Trial2018View Trial
Saline County, MOCornF.I.R.S.T. Trial2018View Trial
Sangamon County, ILCornF.I.R.S.T. Trial2018View Trial
Schuyler County, MOCornF.I.R.S.T. Trial2018View Trial
St. Charles County, MOCornF.I.R.S.T. Trial2018View Trial
Buchanan County, MOSoybeanF.I.R.S.T. Trial2018View Trial
Douglas County, ILSoybeanF.I.R.S.T. Trial2018View Trial
Harrison County, MOSoybeanF.I.R.S.T. Trial2018View Trial
Johnson County, KSSoybeanF.I.R.S.T Trial2018View Trial
Linn County, KSSoybeanF.I.R.S.T. Trial2018View Trial
Macon County, ILSoybeanF.I.R.S.T. Trial2018View Trial
Marshall County, KSSoybeanF.I.R.S.T. Trial2018View Trial
Miami County, KSSoybeanF.I.R.S.T. Trial2018View Trial
Pottawatomie County, KSSoybeanF.I.R.S.T. Trial2018View Trial
Schuyler County, MOSoybeanF.I.R.S.T. Trial2018View Trial
St. Charles County, MOSoybeanF.I.R.S.T. Trial2018View Trial
Audrain County, MOCornF.I.R.S.T. Trial2017View Trial
Columbia, MOCornF.I.R.S.T. Trial2017View Trial
Columbia, MOCornF.I.R.S.T. Trial2017View Trial
Doniphan County, KSCornF.I.R.S.T. Trial2017View Trial
Johnson County, KSCornF.I.R.S.T. Trial2017View Trial
Knox County, ILCornF.I.R.S.T. Trial2017View Trial
Louisberg, KSCornF.I.R.S.T. Trial2017View Trial
Marion County, MOCornF.I.R.S.T. Trial2017View Trial
Miami County, KSCornF.I.R.S.T. Trial2017View Trial
Nemaha County, KSCornF.I.R.S.T. Trial2017View Trial
Owaneco, ILCornF.I.R.S.T. Trial2017View Trial
Johnson County, KSSoybeanF.I.R.S.T. Trial2017View Trial
Linn County, KSSoybeanF.I.R.S.T. Trial2017View Trial
Miami County, KSSoybeanF.I.R.S.T. Trial2017View Trial

See the Harvest Results from local farmers’ fields

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