Grain Sorghum

Lewis Hybrids
Grain Sorghum Brands
Relative MaturityPlant Height (in.)Grain ColorDays to 50% Bloom
C2112 BrandNEWEarly38-46Cream59
G4282 BrandMedium-early39-49"Bronze64
G4223 BrandMedium-early43-53"Bronze63
G4815 BrandMedium early49-59B65
G6192 BrandMedium44-54"Bronze69
G3472 BrandEarly38-48"Bronze60

Rating Scale

(Excellent) 1-9 (Poor)

All ratings relative to other Lewis Hybrids brand products

All information is based on comparisons to Lewis Hybrids and for the sole use of making comparisons. Performance of Lewis brand wheat may be adversely affected by environmental, management, and other factors beyond our control. No warranties, either expressed or implied as to the performance, are intended.