Genuity® DroughtGard® Hybrids

Drought stress can have a negative impact on your crop's yield potential. To help manage risk and provide improved yield opportunity when water is limited, farmers can now turn to Genuity® DroughtGard® Hybrids.

During challenging drought conditions, DroughtGard Hybrids:

  • Adapt to drought stress
  • Use water more efficiently until the next rain
  • Provide potential for greater yield

As part of a system combining best agronomic practices, top-performing genetics selected for drought-tolerance characteristics and the world's first drought-tolerant biotech trait for corn, DroughtGard Hybrids deliver hydroefficiency.

Genuity® DroughtGard® Hybrids

Superior genetics and innovative drought-tolerant biotech trait technology combined with agronomic best management practices, help Genuity® DroughtGard® Hybrids withstand drought conditions. The enhanced tolerance offered through these products can help you get the most out of every acre. That's peace of mind offered only by DroughtGard Hybrids.

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